How to get your ff rewards and redeem codes free – Step by Step Guide

This read is going to be amazing if you really want to know the real hacks and fresh methods of how to get free fire rewards redeem codes. These fresh codes could be downloadable and you will not feel empty-handed after reading this complete article,
Data analysis of google play store shows almost one Billion Plus downloads of Free Fire games but most people do not even know how to get Free Fire rewards and How to redeem Free Fire Codes. In this read, you will find all the solutions for the free fire redeem center and site.
Garena Free Fire Game overview
Free fire game is the most popular survival and shooter game developed by Garena International, a Singapore-based Company for mid and low-specification mobile phones.
The graphics and user interface of Free Fire supports almost all mobile phones. Most people refer to it as a replacement for PUBG.
Free Fire supports both android and ios devices which have tremendous increase during the pandemic season,
In each 10 minutes interval 50 players land one by one, Survive, shoot, squads, weapons, vehicles, diamonds, maps, skins, pets, emotes and many more features are there to amaze users of this unique battle royale game.
How to get Free Fire Rewards
However, to get these in-game items, the Garena Fire Free game allows players to purchase against diamonds (game currency). It is tenable to mention that Players can get diamonds in a couple of ways;
Fiat Money (Real Money)
Free Redeem Codes
Mostly, Users do not buy diamonds with Fiat money, They always search for new ways to get free diamonds, and yes they are right because there are many hacks for this purpose.
Google Opinion Rewards
As mentioned earlier, Garena Fire Free has 1 billion plus downloads till now, So to maintain this massive growing userbase google with the help of Garena Free Fire conducts surveys and quizzes and if you answer the review questions and quizzes of this app you will get ff reward free fire rewards diamonds and gifts. Is it not really amazing?
Booyah App
Booyah is an in-house developed app by Garena Fire Free to live broadcast the gameplay of users. This app enhanced the user experience dramatically with help of live streaming and fire-free rewards and gifts. Multiple types of streaming events are added for users to watch against ff reward gifts.
Poll Pay App
Poll pay is another popular app to get Fire Free Reward Diamonds by completing multiple tasks like surveys and quizzes related to games and characters.
However, It is serious advice, do not to get ff rewards diamonds with inappropriate methods or which are against the terms of service of the Garena Fire Free game, Diamond Generator and Mod Application are one of them because this will surely bring account suspension or a permanent ban.


Rewards Redemption Site

Important Notice:

  1. Redemption code has 12 characters, consisting of capital letters and numbers.
  2. Item rewards are shown in the [vault] tab in the game lobby; Golds or diamonds will add to the account wallet automatically.
  3. Please note the redemption expiration date. Any expired codes cannot be redeemed.
  4. Please contact customer service if you encountered any issues.
  5. Reminder: you will not be able to redeem your rewards with guest accounts. You may bind your account to Facebook or VK in order to receive the rewards.


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Free Fire New Update – OB30

This is the dominating factor in increasing the number of game users that Garena FF updates its features, avatars, pets, weapons, skins continuously. It increases its user experience to the next level.

Treatment Gun rework

After the FF update now we are able to auto-aim with a treatment gun, We can also recharge a treatment gun like a plasma gun.

Dropping All and Part Option

After the update we can drop it in two ways: We can drop it in full and if we do not want it, we can drop it partially.

Slow motion effect after the last kill 

After this update, the Slow motion effect after the last kill has enhanced the user experience dramatically.


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What is the Glitch in Free Fire Rewards diamond and how to remove them

Many of you already faced the many glitches in the buying process of fire-free rewards diamonds. Some of them are deliberate attempts in the opinion of many users. 

In recent times, you were offered to buy some characters against Fiat money Top Ups; however, after some days, Garena Free Fire announced it as a glitch in the game and offered all users who faced the glitch to replace it with FF reward diamonds instead of giving back the money.

So it is advised always to be patient and not to put your money at risk if you face this type of glitch again for top-ups and contact the garena support first for clarification.  

What is the battle royale mode of the Garena Free Fire update

As you know from the introduction of battle royale mode the active users have increased tremendously. In this mode, 80 real players can play in an online field. The real game users must survive with all shooting and fighting for 21 minutes, that is time of each game round.

How can you play Battle Royale (BR) mode in Garena Free Fire in a better way?

Players should follow the following steps to play battle royale mode in Free Fire;

  • Just load Free Fire and wait for the main interface screen to show.
  • Tap on the mode select bar showing at the top right corner of the screen.
  • multiple game modes will be showing
  • Select one displayed map option, except Cosmic Racer and Resurrection.
  • Tap on the start option showing at the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to get Free Fire Redeem Code Today

You will find here how to get Garena FF Redeem Code today. Here is great news for you to find free fire redeem codes and the method would be as easy as to play it. You have to perform the steps as per the guidelines in this article for your Free Fire Redeem Code.

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